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Exploring Mosquito Diversity in Your Environment: A Guide to Identifying Adult Mosquito Species 

Join Senior 场 Scientist Andrew Rivera at 乐虎网 as he walks through a step-by-step process for identifying adult mosquitoes. From recognizing common mosquito genera to understanding unique physical traits, these methods will help field technicians link observed behaviors with specific mosquito species.


As we continue to drive forward our commitment to global public health mosquito control, we are excited to announce the appointment of Allen Gent as the President and Chief Executive Officer, 1月1日生效, 2024.  有了这个转换,J. 莱伊尔……


Mosquito-borne diseases continue to pose a significant threat to public health worldwide, and with some mosquito populations developing resistance to long-used active ingredients, it is now more critical than ever to develop innovative solutions for mosquito control. 作为一个公司…


At 乐虎网, we’re dedicated to being good stewards and serving our communities. 每年, 我们有一个爱心日, 我们在全国各地的办事处都关闭了吗, and more than 200 of our team members spend the day volunteering…

Championing Environmental Efforts with 乐虎网’s Give to Tomorrow® Program: 2023 Grant Recipients

乐虎网\’s Give to Tomorrow grant program recognizes and supports non-profit organizations striving to restore, 维护和保护人民的福祉, 环境, 野生动物和食物的生产或获取.

The 乐虎网 Learning Center: Workshops and Educational 资源 for Mosquito Control Professionals

The 乐虎网 Learning Center provides educational resources for mosquito professionals at all levels focusing on mosquito control, 继续教育单位(ceu)工作坊, 以及新兴行业相关主题的网络研讨会.


虽然在今天的美国被认为是罕见的, 疟疾在潮湿地区极为常见, hot climates and is one of the highest-occurring vector diseases worldwide. Scroll to learn more about malaria, its transmission via mosquitoes, and methods for helping…

乐虎网集团有限公司. 被指定为工作的好地方

乐虎网是第三代, family-owned public health products and services company striving to elevate and transform the science of vector control through the lens of sustainability and innovation. Our coworkers take pride in our work and the difference we make…



As 乐虎网’s field science team was tasked with raising and caring for mosquitoes for use in field testing on site, one such innovative concept that arose was the mobile insectary. Today, associate field biologist, Victoria Hyrczyk, represents the field science…

网络研讨会记录:导航物种多样性 & 什么是矢量

上周, 乐虎网 rounded out National Mosquito Control Awareness Week with an all-things-mosquito webinar featuring Dr. 一天, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida’s Entomology Laboratory and author of the 新闻letter, Kattie莫里斯, 安德鲁·里维拉, 乐虎网的主要成员……

乐虎网’s 场 Science Team: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation & 实现

乐虎网’s 场 Science team spearheads the fieldwork and trials conducted to assist with developing, and registering new and existing mosquito control products under EPA and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations, including the launching and post-launch work of new products with…



The use of drones as a product deployment and surveillance tool within mosquito control programs has steadily increased over the past years. Earning an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) certification is essential to utilizing and incorporating drones within a mosquito control…

乐虎网 Operations: The Impact of PCR Lab Capabilities on Control and Application Decisions

蚊子传播的疾病威胁着全世界的人类健康, implementing an integrated mosquito management (IMM) system can go a long way toward mitigating those risks. 在IMM网络内, the surveillance lever acts explicitly as a predecessor to larval or adult control…



…刺绣箍. 然后用热熔胶将薄纱固定. 不幸的是, 经过这个及时的施工过程, the team still faced unwieldy issues with placing mosquitoes in the…


Case Study: BG Counter Traps for Mosquito Population Monitoring in Illinois 

乐虎网\’s latest case study reveals data on 环境al impact of implementing over 200 adult mosquito traps and Biogent’s BG Counters.

Leveraging Mosquito Industry 资源 for Community Education

湖泊制图的每种方法-植被, 水深, and sedimentation/hardness mapping – provides unique insight into assessing areas of your waterbody that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, let alone enough understanding to properly plan and budget for.



乐虎网水务署(CAS), 乐虎网集团的一个业务部门, 被孤独湖管理公司收购, a nationwide environmental firm that provides sustainable solutions to improve water quality and preserve water resources. 交易于11月1日结束,…

Mosquito Control and Beneficial Pollinators: What You Should Know

The 国际 Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently placed the monarch butterfly – known for its striking orange and black pattern as well as its annual migration – on the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM.  帝王蝶加入…


保护. 节约. 与乐虎网一起控制.

Find out what a sustainable mosquito control program looks like for your community.